Tea Garden Cushions

Inspired by vintage ceramic plates, this collection brings together flowing floral motifs re-created as delicate lace designs with soft pastel shades reminiscent of hazy summer afternoons. The collection features layers of chiffon ruffles and sheer texturized fabrics with stitched lace-like designs and scatterings of contemporary hand-made floral sequins and pearlescent beads creating Chintz style patterning. Chiffon daisy bases overlaid with a cluster of circular sequins make up layered floral embellishments and a multiple assortment of sequins compose a floral trellis pattern overlaid on a coral lace stitched ground; while the use of the traditional technique of ribbon embroidery creates a delicate touch of colour and dimension. White lace floral puffs add a ruffled contrasting texture to the tonal lace style stitching with interspersed glossy beads and lilac beaded centres. Each design features a co-ordinating bow-back detail.